RosterOn Automated Staff Rostering System Complete Automation of the front-end Operation to HR/Payroll.

Fair & Equitable Rostering

  • Leave Planning reports
  • Staff priority requests
  • Roster staff training
  • Priorities Driven
  • Single keystroke processing
  • Self-Rostering Option
  • Find Facility for staff
  • Roster Budgets
  • Trend analysis

Award Interpretation

  • Real time calculations
  • Facilitates Alerts
  • Actual transaction to Payroll
  • Highly configurable

Time & Attendance

  • Validates allocations
  • Data Capture Devices
  • (Swipe Cards/Finger Scan)
  • Employment Audit trails
  • Electronic Timesheets

HR/Payroll Integration

  • Standard interface module
  • Electronic Timesheets
  • Critical cost savings
  • Eliminates timesheet coding
  • Eliminates timesheet data entry

Business Services

  • Business Process Review
  • Implementation Consulting
  • Project Management
  • System Enhancements
  • Client User Groups
  • 1300 Help Desk support

Additional Features

  • “What-if?” analysis
  • Automated Alerts System
  • Employee Details
  • Leave Planner
  • Employee Messaging
  • Real-time Costing
  • SMS and Email Workflow
  • Employee Self Service
  • Comprehensive Security
  • Online System Notes
  • Reports Library
  • Context Sensitive Online Help
  • Integration to MS Office
  • MS SQL Database
  • Scalable
  • User Display Settings
  • Online Filters
  • Multi Window Displays
  • Audit Trails
  • Archiving

RosterOn is a labour management system designed to automate the labour intensive task of producing and validating rosters, and the coding timesheets for payroll. In addition to performing these tasks in a fraction of the time it takes to do them manually, RosterOn provides an enormous amount of additional data and reporting about individual employees, casuals, agencies etc., and their allocated rosters.

Although one integrated system, RosterOn functionality comprises 4 components:

  • Smart dynamic Rostering
  • Award interpretation
  • Time and attendance
  • HR/Payroll interfacing

The rostering component is a complex set of labour optimisation algorithms that are hidden behind a user friendly graphical user interface. Several configuration functions enable the end user to configure the system to the unique requirements of each department, area or region, and the number of configurable functions that require maintenance varies depending on the complexity of the rostering requirements for each department, area or region.

Sample Roster Produced by RosterOn

Award Interpretation is performed in real time to enable costs to be updated immediately as each change to the roster is made. This functionality also facilitates alerting. As each change to the roster is made the award interpreter is consulted to re-cost the changes to the roster and alert the operator to any award breaches that have occurred as a result of the change.

The Time in Attendance functionality within RosterOn allows each scheduled work allocation to be validated, this validation performed with the use of swipe technology (swipe cards, finger scanners, etc.) or via the RosterOn software.

Finally, the architecture of RosterOn is such that Interfacing to external systems can be facilitated at many levels. We can build you a 2-way interfacing module to your payroll software, so that data can be sent to external systems such as these in a format that both of the systems can understand. Costs involved with this interface can either be based on time and materials, or we can offer a fixed price, when the timing appropriate.

RosterOn provides a Graphical User Interface and will run in a Windows environment featuring point and click, and click and drag functionality. On-line context sensitive Help is provided, User Guides are provided for on-line access and the Help Text is provided so it can be customised for each clients specific use and identification.

Originally designed in 1994, RosterOn was carefully constructed and developed to its initial release in 1998 into public hospitals in Melbourne. Written specifically for Australian working conditions, it has the required functionality specified for smart dynamic rostering. Having been a successful tenderer in multiple Public Health tenders let over the past few years, RosterOn has shown its best-of-breed product more than competes with overseas and local offerings.

The benefits of using Roster-On are many and varied, and include:

  • enables individuals the opportunity of highlighting Roster availability
  • tracks licensing, award and legal requirements, to ensure employees are not rostered
  • dramatically reduces labour to process rosters
  • providing many areas of potential cost savings
  • lifting morale amongst staff by fair and equitable rostering
  • readily finding replacement staff for staff unavailable to meet their shift requirement, keeping key criteria like skill sets, in place
  • offering integration with payroll, producing an electronic timesheet to eliminate double entry of data
  • reducing necessity to use Agency staff by keeping track of all available permanent and casual staff
  • including a comprehensive reporting and trend analysis

RosterOn will do a written review of your business practices and rostering needs.

Health, retail, emergency services, hospitality, transport, manufacturing, Government .. all of these business sectors are able to receive common reporting and analyses across their individual operations, rather than having to sort through varied and inconsistent reporting formats from each sites, offering consolidation and other efficiencies.

Companies are buying RosterOn for a variety of reasons including:

  • Helps them attract and keep quality staff
  • Offers full labour optimisation
  • Enables better budgeting by projected rostering
  • Offers Best Practice tools to dramatically improve daily efficiencies
  • Brings reporting on costs, staff, forecasts, practices etc
  • Allows staff to have input into their final roster if agreed by employer

And throughout the functionality of the software there are 26 identified areas in which the Company can save money, everyday real ways to reduce costs. This cost savings process goes hand-in-hand with staff morale boosts through fairer and more equitable rostering, efficient methods of finding replacement staff, accurate calculations of overtime, TIL, Award requirements etc., online real time costing and ‘What If?’ analyses during roster preparation and adjustment.

If you need Rostering, or want to review your rostering needs …….. RosterOn!