Welcome to the RosterOn website

RosterOn is an Australian-made, Australian-owned labour management software system which automates the key processes of rostering and time and attendance, interprets your organisation's awards and EBAs, and integrates with your Payroll/HR software to provide electronic timesheeting.

In addition to performing these tasks in a fraction of the time it takes to do them manually, RosterOn provides an enormous amount of additional data and reporting on individual employees, casual employees, contractors, agencies, and on their allocated clients and rosters.

From a business-savvy viewpoint, to ensure best-of-breed solutions for our clients, the RosterOn team has close working relationships with all of the leading local and global HR/Payroll providers operating in Australia.

RosterOn functionality comprises 4 main components

  • Smart Dynamic Rostering
  • Award Interpretation
  • Time and Attendance recording
  • HR/Payroll Interfacing capability

and RosterOn is currently bringing benefits and advantages to organisations across the country which operate in industry sectors such as

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining & Resources
  • Local Government
  • Events & Catering
  • Community Care
  • Distributors
  • State/Federal Govt
  • Airports
  • Security